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Integrating with Mad Mimi


In order to integrate your landing page with Mad Mimi, click on Settings and select Integrations from the list;



Now select Mad Mimi from the top menu;


Add your API key to connect Mad Mimi to Instapage;



After you’ve signed in, you will have to select the account, then click Continue;


On the next step, you can choose the list you want to send the leads to;


Now select the promotion you want to use;


Now, you have to map your Instapage fields to the Mad Mimi fields. After you map all the fields from Instapage, click Continue;


Make sure all the Mad Mimi fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mapped in order for the integration to work.

If you map a field with the [None] option, the submitted data will not be sent to Mad Mimi.

The Auto Generate option will create a text field inside your integration.

If you map an Instapage field with a field from your CRM side that has predefined options/values, then the field from Instapage side must have those exact same predefined options/values, and it is recommended for the fields from both sides to be of the same type.

And that’s it. If you went through all the steps, you should see this confirmation message. Click on Finish, then save and update your page.


Important Notes:

- The integration only works on the live URL. It can not be tested on the preview mode. When testing on the live URL, make sure that your browser is not displaying an older cached version.

- Make sure to test the integration with different addresses because if you submit the form multiple times with the same email address the integration will flag the email as spam.

- Always test your integration with real email addresses as some systems recognize fake emails.  

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