Integrating with DialogTech


DialogTech provides marketers call tracking, call attribution and insights to improve customer journey optimization. DialogTech machine-learning algorithms rapidly analyze the full context and outcome of every call in order to find hidden insights, make predictions, detect opportunities and problems, and automate best actions.

Use DialogTech's call tracking software on your Instapage landing pages to track the conversions on your inbound phone calls. Here's how to set everything up:

1. In your DialogTech dashboard, click Call Tracking, the first option from the top menu;1.png

2. From the menu, select SourceTrack;2.png

3. Click on Add SourceTrack to your Website;3.png

4. Copy the code and paste it on your Instapage landing page, in Settings, JavaScript in the Body section;4.png



*Note* If you’re using DialogTech and A/B testing on Instapage, you will have to customize the code. For more details, follow the instructions from the Using DialogTech and Instapage A/B Testing section farther below.

5. Now, head back to the DialogTech dashboard and click on Add Domain Set. Write your page’s URL and the phone number/s you want to be tracked;6.png

6. Select a Main Number and then add a pool of numbers by going to the Manage Pools section. You can also assign number display preferences from the “New Domain Set” Settings section.

That’s it. Now you can test the live page to check if the number is replaced according to your settings.

Using DialogTech and Instapage A/B Testing

In order to be able to see the Variation that triggered the call in DialogTech’s Analytics section, you will need to tweak the tracking code so it exports the page variation from Instapage as a custom ID in DialogTech.

The two lines of code you will have to add are:

<script src="//"></script>

You will have to add this line of code on a new line, above the tracking code from DialogTech.

And the second line of code has to be added under the line with starting with var_stk:

var st_ibp_custom = Cookies.get('instapage-variant-PAGEID');

After you paste the code on your page, replace PAGEID with your page’s ID from the URL, as highlighted in the screenshot below:


After you’re done, the code should look like this:


That’s it. You can see the Instapage variation in the DialogTech reports, by clicking on Analytics from the top dashboard, and then on Call Detail Report.


Make sure to open the advanced options and select Custom ID as a value to be included in the report, and click on Generate Report or Export.


Note: While we try to keep all of our instructional articles that involve third-party services up to date, sometimes they make changes to their platform of which we are not aware and, as a consequence, the user interface may differ from the provided screenshots.