Integrating with Retreaver


Use Retreaver to gain deeper insights into campaign ROI by tagging, tracking, and routing the calls that come in from your landing pages. Retreaver will deliver data on customers attributed to a given campaign, down to the version, content, and variation of each page.



Adding Retreaver’s tracking to your Instapage landing pages is easily done. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Add a click to call button on your landing page. Refer to this article for help creating the button: Adding Click to Call Buttons and Click to Email Links;

2. Create a Call Tracking Campaign in Retreaver. Go to the Campaigns tab on the left side menu, then click on "+New Campaign";1.png

3. Fill in the Campaign Properties and the Routing Settings tabs, then click on Create Campaign;


4. Next,  add the number/s for your campaign. If you’re running A/B tests on your page, you should create number pools for your page, otherwise, you can use one number;


If you create a number pool, enable the Per-visitor number option, in order to correctly track variations as well. Then, click on Create Number Pool.


5. After you created the campaign and added the number/s, go back to the campaign and select the Retreaver.JS Settings tab. Then, from the opened menu go to the Code tab,  click to expand the advanced code, and copy the code;


6. Next, return to Instapage and paste the code on your Instapage landing page. Navigate to Settings, then select JavaScript,  and paste the code from Retreaver in the Header or Footer section;


7. Now, you have to customize the code in order to capture the page’s variant in Retreaver’s analytics. There are three small edits you need to make:

          7.1. Add this snippet as a new line in your code, right under the “var campaign” line. It should be on the second line under the //Your code goes here! Comment;

var ip_variant = window.__variant;

          7.2. Next, Delete this part of the code.


          7.3. Add this snippet instead of the code you just removed.

number.replace_tags ({page_variant:ip_variant});

8. Publish your page (you can use our demo domain, if you need a temporary URL);

9. After the page is published, return to your campaign in Retreaver, and select the Retreaver.JS Settings tab. From the next menu, choose Number Replacement. Add all the phone numbers you used on your Instapage landing page, with the exact same format.


You’re now done. Your Retreaver account is integrated with your Instapage landing page/s and you’re collecting the information in Reports, Call Log. The variation will be displayed in the Tags column from the Call Log. Hover your mouse over the numbers from Tags in order to see which of your landing page variations brings you the most calls.

Note: While we try to keep all of our instructional articles that involve third-party services up to date, sometimes they make changes to their platform of which we are not aware and, as a consequence, the user interface may differ from the provided screenshots.