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Send Your Ad Clicks Directly To Your Instapage Facebook Tab


This article describes the process for setting your Instapage tab as the landing page for your Facebook Ads. Prior to this, you will need to have your page already published on Facebook.

Step 1: Sign into your Facebook Ads Manager Account;

Facebook's Ad Manager can be found here.

Step 2: Select an objective and Facebook page for your campaign;

For this purpose, you will choose Engagement option, then Page Likes:

Give your campaign a name and press Continue.


Choose the Facebook page for the campaign. Go to Advert Set and select Page:

Choose the Facebook page you wish to use for this campaign (if you don’t own multiple Facebook pages, your page will be already selected by default):

Step 3: Set your parameters for your ad;

Go through Audience, Placements, Budget & schedule to make the necessary adjustments to your campaign according to your preferences and business needs.

Step 4: Set your Instapage tab as destination for your ad.

Select Text from the Advert section:

Press Show advanced options:

Choose the Instapage tab as destination for your ad:

And you are done. Now your ad clicks will go directly to your Instapage tab.

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