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Integrating with Zapier (form level)

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect web apps together. An integration between two apps is called a Zap. A Zap is made up of a Trigger and an Action. Whenever the trigger happens in one app, Zapier will automatically perform the action in another app.

Using a Zap, you can send your hard earned leads from Instapage directly to your list.

Here is how to create the Zap in Zapier:

*Note*: You can not integrate the same Zap with multiple forms. You have to create a new Zap for each form.

1. Click on "Make a Zap!" and select Webhooks by Zapier:


2. In the first step select "Catch Hook":


3. Click on the "Continue" button if you do not need a "Child Key":


4. Go to "Pull in Samples" and grab the Webhook URL:


*Note*: Do not click on the “OK, I did this” button until you integrate your form on Instapage and submit a test on the live page.

To make sure that you are on the latest version when submitting the form, please wait 5 minutes and submit the form by loading the page in the browser's Incognito or Private mode to avoid your browser caching a previous version of your landing page.

5. Enter your page builder in Instapage to integrate your form:


6. Click edit on your form to gain access to the Integrations tab:


7. Select Zapier and paste the Webhook URL in the field:



8. Map your fields in order to match your Instapage form with your Zap:


9. You successfully integrated your form!


10. And test it out on the live page in the browser incognito/private mode to avoid browser cache:

11. Go back to your zap and click on the "OK, I did this" button after you tested the page on the live link:


12. And you're done! You've successfully integrated Instapage with Zapier. Now you just have to set your Action in order to connect Zapier to your other service:


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