Integrating with Instiller


Instiller is a powerful and easy to use solution that provides all of the tools needed for agencies to deliver a complete email marketing service to clients

Submissions from your form can easily be configured to trigger a Workflow. To integrate your form with Instiller just follow the steps below.

Webhook Setup

While being in Instapage on your main Dashboard, go to the main Integrations Dashboard by clicking Integrations on the left panel, scroll down, find Webhooks and then enter the endpoint URL as API ID HERE


Note: To locate your API ID, go back to the dashboard then click on your name in the top bar. Click on Account Settings then on API in the sidebar.

Then go back to the page to continue integrating. Select the Integrations tab in the slideout menu for the page, then go to Form Integrations and select Webhooks:


A modal with the Webhook setup will open. Enter your Instiller endpoint URL there.



Form Field Mapping

Set the form submission option to 'Send by POST':


Map all of the form fields onto valid User Profile and/or Custom Fields as listed below.

The Field ID needs to map directly onto the field where you want it to be stored in the solution:

User Profile Fields

  • reference_code
  • title
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email_address
  • mobile_number
  • telephone_number
  • address_line_1
  • address_line_2
  • address_line_3
  • address_line_4
  • city
  • post_code
  • country
  • dob
  • gender
  • company_name

Custom Fields

  • contacts_data_1
  • contacts_data_2
  • contacts_data_3
  • contacts_data_4
  • contacts_data_5
  • contacts_data_6
  • contacts_data_7
  • contacts_data_8
  • contacts_data_9
  • contacts_data_10
  • contacts_data_11
  • contacts_data_12
  • contacts_data_13
  • contacts_data_14
  • contacts_data_15
  • contacts_data_16
  • contacts_data_17
  • contacts_data_18
  • contacts_data_19
  • contacts_data_20
  • contacts_data_21
  • contacts_data_22
  • contacts_data_23
  • contacts_data_24
  • contacts_data_25
  • contacts_data_26
  • contacts_data_27
  • contacts_data_28
  • contacts_data_29
  • contacts_data_30

Hidden Workflow Settings

Double click on the submit button of your form and add 3 hidden fields and set the details as per below.

These hidden fields need to be included in the field mapping stage above to ensure they are submitted correctly.


API Identifier

This field specifies which Workflow to trigger once the form is submitted. The API identifier is set in the Workflow details screen.

Set the ID to 'workflow_api_identifier'.

Workflow Session Variables

JSON encoded Session Variables can also be passed into the Workflow. Declare them as static values or if you want to use something more dynamic take a look at the Instapage Javascript documentation.

NOTE: Session Variables need to be URL encoded to be submitted successfully.

Set the ID to 'workflow_session_variables'.

User Journey Label

Set a friendly reporting label to describe the Workflow being triggered for the User. This label appears when viewing the User Journey Report e.g. 'Register for webinar'.

Set the ID to 'journey_label'.

Testing & Debugging

When a form is submitted and data gets passed over to trigger the Workflow everything is checked and validated so a response code can be returned. The response code provides a status of whether the request was successful or not.

On the Instapage dashboard that lists all of your pages click on the 'Leads' button to see a list of failures along with any reported errors.

The full list of response codes that can be returned from a request to trigger a Workflow in Instapage are:

    200    Workflow triggered successfully
    407    Draft Workflows cannot be triggered
    408    Deactivated Workflows cannot be triggered
    409    Invalid Workflow structure, please contact support
    419    Workflow not detected
    420    Unable to parse Workflow Session Variables, please check the syntax and try again
    421    Email address not provided
    422    Email address not a valid format
    423    Reference code is already in use
    424    Country code is not valid
    425    Mobile number is not a valid format
    426    Global Suppression flag is not Y or N
    490    Client Account is disabled, API access is denied

When a successful request is made a response code of 200 will be returned along with a JSON packet similar to the below:

    "action": "TRIGGERED",
    "journey_id": 4399479,
    "workflow_description": "Your Workflow description",
    "workflow_status": "ACTIVE",
    "workflow_status_message": "Workflow triggered successfully.",
    "user_id": 157450,
    "email_address": "",
    "contact_reference_code": ABC-123


Note: Make sure to test the integration with different email addresses because if you submit the form multiple times with the same email address the integration will flag the email as a spam.