Setting a custom 404 page when publishing via CNAME (custom domain)


Instapage’s 404 landing page option allows you to create conversion-worthy 404 pages with a few simple clicks. The feature gives you the opportunity to collect leads from pages most marketers think to be dead ends.

NOTE: This is only available for the owner of the domain. If you've been granted access to use the domain by another Instapage account you won't be able to set a custom 404 page for that domain. We lock domains under the first Instapage account that uses them to prevent domain hijacking. For more information on this, please see our dedicated guide here

Implementing the 404-page feature only takes a few easy steps:

1. Create a new landing page.

2. Publish it to your custom domain. Find full publishing instructions hyperlinked here.

3. Go to the Domains dashboard by clicking on Settings > Domains.


4. Go to your domain settings and click Custom 404.


5. Select your 404 page from the list and click Confirm.


Now if someone follows a broken or dead link, they will see your custom 404 page.