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Integrating with MailChimp (form level)



This feature will allow you to instantly send all of your hard earned leads directly to your MailChimp lists. After you've setup the connection, all new leads will be saved in both Instapage and to the MailChimp list you selected. Don't have a MailChimp Account? Sign up here

Step 1. Connect Instapage to your MailChimp account

Enter your page builder/editor and click on the form, click on Edit, click on Integrations and select MailChimp.

Note: Make sure that your browser is not blocking any pop-ups after clicking on "continue to MailChimp".


Step 2. Confirm your integration.


You can connect your entire Instapage account to MailChimp or individual forms. Go to the integrations page or click on the specific form you want to use with MailChimp, click on edit, and go to "integrations".

Note: Make sure that each individual form on your page or variation is connected to the appropriate MailChimp account and list before you launch your campaign. Setting up the integration on the integrations page is not enough!

Step 3. Select your MailChimp account

You'll then be presented with the screen shown below.


Step 4. Choose a List and Opt-In Setting


Choose which list you'd like to send your leads to and what type of Opt-in you wish to require.

If you'd like to learn more about MailChimp's opt-in settings I suggest you read this: Opt-in vs. Confirmed Opt-in vs. Double Opt-in

If you don't have a list, now is the time to create one!

Step 5. Select your groups

You can now select which group or groups you want to use. Note that groups can be auto assigned to all users who fill out a specific form.

Step 6. Field Mapping


As the description says; Field mapping allows you to send custom Instapage form fields over to your MailChimp list. For example, you could map the Name field in Instapage over to MailChimp's name field or map a custom field like product_size to the target field of your choice.

If you don't already have fields setup in your MailChimp List you can simply click on the Finish button and Instapage will create them for you. To learn more about MailChimp fields read this: How do I add more fields to my list?

Note: If a field is set as required in MailChimp, you must add it into your Instapage form or set it as not required for the integration to function as expected.


That's it, you're done! Your new leads should now be sent to MailChimp so that you can further automate/simplify your marketing campaigns. You can come back at any time to change your settings.

Don't have a MailChimp Account? Sign up here

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