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  1. Log-in to your account at www.networksolutions.com and click Manage Account;
  2. Click on the Edit DNS link under the My Domain Names section;
  3. Click the Edit Advanced DNS Records link next to the domain you want to use with Instapage.  This will open the DNS Manager Settings page;
  4. Scroll down to the section Host Aliases: CNAME Records, click the Edit CNAME Records button;
  5. In the 'Alias' field, type the name of your chosen subdomain.  For example, if you picked lander.mydomain.com as your address, enter lander here. Or, if you're using a root domain such as www.mydomain.com then you'll want to enter www here;
  6. Select the Other Host radio box and type secure.pageserve.co in the other host field;
  7. Click Continue.  This will bring you to a confirmation screen (If you see the error "An A Record Already Exists for the Entered Alias" at this point, go here for instructions on deleting the conflicting A Record);
  8. Confirm your settings and Click Save Changes.

For additional instructions see: http://www.networksolutions.com/support/cname-records-host-aliases/

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