Facebook Custom Buttons

Adding a Facebook Like and Share Button to your Instapage landing page is a great way to make it easy for visitors to either share your page with their friends or to follow your Facebook business/fan page.

You can use one of the three buttons provided by Facebook:

  • The Like button, which your visitors can use to Like your business or fan  Facebook page. The Like button can be configured from Facebook to add a Share button in the same
  • The Share button will allow your visitors to share your Facebook fan or business page on their wall.
  • The Follow button is the only one of these three which works only for personal Facebook pages. It will enable your visitors to follow your profile, receiving all the public updates you post.

1. Go to the dedicated Facebook instruction pages: Like button, Share button, Follow button, and configure your button. After you do so, click on the Get Code button;


2. Take the first code snippet, and paste it on your page. Go to Settings - JavaScript, and paste it there in the Body section;


3. Take the second code snippet, and paste it in an HTML element on your page, where you want the button to show. Create an HTML element by clicking the <> symbol on the left menu in the page editor.



And that’s it. Now all you have to do is save the changes and you’re done.

Note: you can see the added buttons in Preview mode and on the live page only.