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Running A/B Tests

Testing your landing pages is the most important part of any successful landing page strategy. Doing so will allow you to improve drastically the number of conversions you receive.

Right now Instapage tracks all form submissions and button clicks as a successful conversion. However, we'll be releasing more advanced tracking tools very soon.

1. Creating New Page Variations


Variations are added and managed for each landing page within the builder's main control panel (The Oracle). Click on the drop down located directly next to the Instapage logo icon.

We suggest starting out with 3-page variations.

For advice on what to test, we recommend reading: A/B Tests to Perfect Your Landing Pages.

2. Variation Options

Each landing page variation has four options found within its drop down menu: Duplicate, Delete, Transfer & Pause.

  • Duplicate: This will allow you to copy that specific variation when creating a new test
  • Delete: This will allow you to remove that variation completely (all optimization stats will be deleted) Note: variation A cannot be deleted.
  • Rename: This will allow you to change the variation name
  • Transfer: This will allow you to transfer the variation to another landing page.
  • Pause: This will allow you to temporarily prevent page visitors from seeing this variation.


3. A/B Testing Analytics Dashboard

Click on the analytics symbol at the top of the experience manager, then scroll to the bottom to see the data and distribution for your variations:


You should be checking this frequently to optimize your page performance and increase your conversions.

Each variation tracks 4 main metrics:

  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of visitors that turned into a conversion on that page variation
  • Improvement: The difference in the conversion rate tested against the Base variation. Example: If version (A) has a 20% conversion rate and version (B) has a 25% conversion rate, your Improvement would be +5%Conversions: The number of visitors that have filled out a form or clicked on a Call-to-Action button
  • Unique Visitors: The number of unique visitors that have seen that landing page variation
  • Number of Conversions: The number of visitors that have filled out a form or clicked on a Call-to-Action button.
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