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The Content Selector


The Selector 

The selector will appear when highlighting and directly selecting specific content like the Button above. You can always Copy, Arrange, Link, Delete, and Edit elements with the Selector. 


1. Edit 


Once you click Edit you'll access what we call "The Expert" and/or will see new options that replace the basic selector tools. 


2. Duplicate 

By clicking on the Duplicate button you'll be able to duplicate elements on your page. This is useful when you've created text presets for headlines, a unique button, standard shapes, etc. and don't want to spend the time preparing each new thing you add to match your theme. 


3. Arrange  

By clicking on the Arrange Button you'll be able to move the content on different layers. 


4. Link

By clicking on the link button, you will open a menu that allows various linking actions. You can link to any URL, another landing page, create a pop up, link to on page content or add a file download. This can be done on text, buttons, and images.


5. Delete  

By clicking on the Delete Button you'll be confirming the removal of the element from the page. You can undo if you change your mind.

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