How to modify or translate the form errors into another language

If you want to change the text from the "Processing..." screen or the one displayed when there is an error with the form (if the page visitor tries to submit without completing required fields), open Javascript from the right-side menu in your page builder, then paste this code inside the Footer:

You can paste the code in any of the sections (Header, Body or Footer), but since this affects form submit we recommend placing it in the Body or Footer Section, in order to prioritize page loading order correctly.

You can change the text to be in any language of your choosing.

Non-latin characters will break the code so swap all non-latin characters with HTML entities like:
¡ change to ¡
& change to &
" change to "
You can find a full list of HTML entities in this article:

You can use this code in order to remove the "Processing..." message completely.

To do that, put a space between the single quotes instead of translating the message, like this:

image showing how to edit the code to remove the processing message after form submission
To remove the "Processing..." message completely from all your pages within a workspace, you can add this code in the Workspace Scripts as seen here:
NOTE: This feature is only available for some of our subscriptions. If that is the case, you will see an upgrade prompt when attempting to access it. More information about our currently available subscriptions can be found here: 

Translating the -Select one- text from dropdown fields into another language

Add the code below to Javascript > Head in order to translate the -Select one- label that appears on dropdown fields before the visitor chooses an option. Don't forget to change the 'Add translation here' text with your own while keeping the single quotations before and after it.


In case you need help with a custom functionality or any code customization that is not provided through our Help Center articles we have a Professional Services team that can help our Convert users. The Convert plan includes Professional Services as well as additional features and services that can be seen here: