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Additional Elements - Video, Buttons, and Countdown Timer

On the left sidebar, you will see the option to add different elements, shown below:




By clicking on the Video Button you'll generate a preset video that will appear on your landing page. The video looks like this:  


Videos can be an even better option than Images if done right. Make sure to use high-quality videos with good audio. Instapage currently supports video links from YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia.



By clicking on the Button icon you'll generate a preset Call-to-Action (CTA) Button that will appear on your landing page. The button looks like this: 


If you're designing a "Click-Through" Landing Page then you should be focusing on how to make your CTA Button stand out. A Landing Page button if used should be the primary conversion point and therefore should be placed above the fold and at least one other spot within your page. The button is editable in a few different ways:



Countdown Timer


This feature helps you add a countdown timer to your page. To customize it for your use, click on the countdown timer, and select “Edit”.


This will give you additional design options (changing colors and the position of labels), and functionality settings (the date to countdown to, and the language for the labels).




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