Master accounts and workspaces

An Instapage account with an active subscription is considered a Master Account. A master account can have one or multiple workspaces under it. For more information about workspaces, check the second part of this article.

1. Master Accounts

To access the Account Settings for your master account, you can click on Admin in the lower-left corner.


If you click on Account Settings you can edit the company's name and picture. If you click on Domain Access you can grant or revoke other user's access to your domains. If you click on Subscription, you can view your invoices, edit your credit card details or update your Subscription.

To switch between your master account and accounts you have been invited to, you can click on the name of the workspace, and then select Switch Account. This will present you with the list of accounts you have been invited to work on.


2. Workspaces

Our subscription comes with some usage limits which you can view by going to Admin > Subscription if you are the account owner. These limits can be extended by upgrading your subscription More information about our currently available subscriptions can be found here: 

Each workspace has separate Pages, Analytics, Integrations, Domains, and Team Members.

To select another workspace or create a new one, just click the name of the one you are currently on, in the lower-left side, as shown in the gif above. The default project can be renamed, but it cannot be deleted. You can rename or delete other workspaces at will.

If you are working on an account you have been invited to, you will not have the options of renaming or deleting the workspace, or creating a new one. Only the owner of the Master Account can do that.

To add a new workspace, click on the plus symbol here:


Note: If, as the account owner, you invite a team member to one workspace, they will only have access to that workspace unless invited to others as well.  If you invite the same team member to multiple workspaces, they only count once towards the total limit of team members imposed by the subscription.

3. Your profile

If you click on Admin and then on My profile, you can view and edit details such as your name and email address.



You can also use this option in case you want to transfer the ownership of your Instapage account to someone else. To do that, change the email address, save the changes, then tell them to reset the password from here:

Note that the account ownership can be transferred this way only if the new email address does not belong to an existing Instapage account. If it does, message us at so we can help you with the ownership change.

4. Logging out

To log out of the platform, click on the name of the current workspace in the lowermost left corner, then click on Log Out.