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Master Accounts and Subaccounts

An Instapage account with an active subscription is considered a Master Account. A master account can have one or multiple subaccounts under it. The "Personal Projects" subaccount is the default one for each master account. For more information about subaccounts, check the second part of this article.

1. Master Accounts

To access the Account Settings for your master account, you can click the Settings icon in the upper right corner:


From here you can edit the company's name and picture, you can grant or revoke Domain Access, you can view the Audit Log, and you can view or edit details of your Subscription.

To switch between your master account and accounts you have been invited to, you can click the Profile icon and select Switch Account. This will present you with the list of accounts you have been invited to work on.



If you are invited to work on someone else's subaccount, you will not see the Settings symbol, instead only seeing the Profile icon, enabling you to see your own profile, apply for our Affiliate Program, switch to working on a different Master Account or log out.

2. Subaccounts

Subaccounts allow you to keep projects separately within your account. You can have up to 5 subaccounts on our Core plan. If you need more than 5 subaccounts you can contact us for an Enterprise solution.

Each subaccount has separate Pages, Analytics, Integrations, Domains, and Team Members.

To select another subaccount or create a new one, just click the name of the one you are currently on, in the upper left side:


If you are currently on any of your subaccounts except Personal Projects, you will see an options menu from which you can Rename or Delete the subaccount:


If you are working on an account you have been invited to, you will not have the options of renaming or deleting the subaccount, or creating a new subaccount. Only the owner of the Master Account can do that.

Note: If, as the account owner, you invite a team member to one subaccount, they will only have access to that subaccount unless invited to others as well.

If you are on a subaccount you have been invited to, it will look something like this:


3. Your profile

If you click the Profile icon in the upper right corner, you can view and edit details such as your name and email address.

You can also use this option in case you want to transfer the ownership of your Instapage account to someone else.



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