Working with the Page Builder


The Sidebars and the Toolbar 




The Sidebars and the Toolbar are the main control panel of the Instapage Builder and are located on the sides of the page and at the top of the page respectively. From the Sidebars you'll access your settings and add Elements, while from the Toolbar you can undo/redo, save, preview, publish, and add variations. You can read this article for details about all the elements from the sidebar and the toolbar: Primary Page Controls - The Sidebars and The Toolbar.

Page Settings 


"The Settings" menu contains the key components of personalizing and managing your page. Here you modify your background, set default fonts, implement SEO,  set conversion goals, and more. You can read this article for more details about Page Settings.

The Selector


The selector will appear when highlighting and directly selecting specific content like the Form above. You can duplicate, delete, and edit elements with the Selector. Once you click Edit, you'll access "Attributes."




This key component of the builder process is named "Attributes" because of it focuses on providing more advanced options for each specific piece of content like the options above for the Form Element

You'll only see element attributes when clicking the blue EDIT button on an Element. If the element doesn't require many advanced settings we do not show any attributes.