How do I change the color of text, shapes, or backgrounds?

To change the color of Headlines, click on the Headline element, choose EDIT, then select the color palette from the leftmost icon.

For paragraphs, you have the option to choose the group of text that you want to change the color. You can do this by clicking the Paragraph element and then click EDIT. Highlight the text(s) then click on the leftmost icon from the menu and select the color.


In order to change a shape’s background, click on it, then Edit, and select the background color from the top menu:


For backgrounds, you can either change the color for a block, or for the whole page.

Adjusting the background color for your whole page is done from the right-side Settings menu. Choose Page Background, then select the color you wish:


Alternatively, to modify the color only for a block of your landing page, click on the Block Style icon for the block in question: