How do I link a downloadable file?

Ebooks are one of the most popular types of digital assets marketers use to generate leads. There are multiple ways to set this up, the most popular are:

    • Creating a download link (there are many options available to you, some of which include: Google Drive, Dropbox and WordPress File Uploader). If you choose this option, you can add the link to a button, text or image.
    • Using a third party autoresponder service (You can use any of our direct integrations such as: AWeber, Autopilot, or MailChimp). If you choose this option, the file download will have to be set up inside the integration, to be sent as a follow-up email to the lead.
    • Uploading a file to the Instapage servers to be downloaded by the visitor upon form submission or button click.

If you would like to add the file directly to our servers, follow the simple steps below to upload your file:

Option 1: download after form submission

1. Click the Edit button on your form;


2. Select Submission from the menu on the right.


3. Toggle the first option to Download and use the File Upload button to select a file from your computer.


Note that the file size limit for ebook downloads and other digital assets is 20MB. If you want to upload a larger file, you can create a download link with any of the above-mentioned services and paste it in the File URL field from the same menu.

Don’t forget to add a thank you message while you’re here. The message will appear after your visitors click on the Submit button of your form. The file download will be triggered as well. 

The download option cannot be used together with the redirect option. They are mutually exclusive and only work separately. You can either choose a redirect or a file download as an automatic action after the visitor submits the form, not both.

 Option 2: download on button click

1. Click on the Click event option on your button;


2. Select File download from the drop-down;


3. Upload your file and choose if you want to track the download as a conversion.


Option 3: download on text click

1. Click Edit on your text paragraph;


2. Click on the Click event option;


3. Select File download from the drop-down;


4. Upload your file and choose if you want to track the download as a conversion.


Note: This works for both paragraph text and headline text.

Option 4: download on image click

1. Select the Click event option on your image;


2. Select File download from the drop-down;


3. Upload your file and choose if you want to track the download as a conversion.


NOTE: The upload file feature is not intended for .exe files or image files.