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Page Sections


Page sections make building and managing your landing pages simpler. On Instapage, page sections are limited with a horizontal blue dotted line. A section is used to separate different content areas on your landing page.

Add New Section

You can add a new section to your landing page by clicking on Section. Our system automatically shows you where you can add that section.


In the left side of each section, you have a toolbar that allows you to reposition, delete or edit that particular section.


Reposition. In order to reposition a section, hold the reposition button clicked and drag your section to the desired position.

Delete. You can delete a section by clicking on the delete button.

Edit. You can get to the edit section menu by clicking on the edit button shown above. This will get you to the following options:


1. Upload Image

Click on the image icon to upload a new image from your computer or add one from a link. You can also change or remove the image with the buttons directly below it.


2. Image Scaling / Position. 

This panel allows you to adjust how your custom image background is positioned on your landing page. If you'd like an image to repeat you'll need to select one of the Tile options.


3. Stretch to edges. 

You can use this option to stretch the image to the visitor’s screen width instead of the 960 px editable zone.


4. Parallax on a background image. 

You can use this feature to create a parallax effect on your landing page.


5. Background Color.

Using this will allow you to select a custom color for your landing page. Make sure to click and drag when selecting the main color from the tall skinny bar in the middle of the palette.  You can also directly enter a color code in the small bottom right box.  Find color codes here


6. Border color and Border width. 

You can use these two options to add a border to the section you’re editing.


7. Overlay color. 

With this option, you can add a color overlay to your section. Just select the color and the opacity from this menu.


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