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Getting Started: The Instapage App Anatomy

Our application works on the latest versions of the browsers Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox and Opera on desktop devices. It is not intended to work on Internet Explorer or mobile devices. Note that this applies to the application itself, not to the live version of the pages you've published.

The Page Editor 


The Page Editor is where you build and/or edit your pages. You can place elements and edit in the entire 2560 pixels of space. You're not restricted to the 960 pixels between the dotted lines. For tips on working with the various editor tools, check out Page Editing Basics. 
To access the builder you can click on Edit Design in the Experience Manager: editdesign.png
The Experience Manager
To access the experience manager interface you have to click on the page name in your dashboard.


The Experience Manager allows different team members of the conversion team to perform their job functions simultaneously.

The tabs of an Experience (see hyperlinked articles for more details):

1. Layout & Content

2. URL (default Experience) / Audience (non-default Experiences)

3. Integrations

4. Conversion Goals

5. SEO

6. Social Info

7. Scripts & GDPR

Besides these tabs, there is the top bar that allows you to access the leads or analytics data for the selected Experience, as well as publish or unpublish the current Experience.

The Main Dashboard


The dashboard is where you manage all the pages within your account. Here you can access, duplicate or create new pages, manage your page groups, add new Client Accounts and Team Members

The Analytics Page


The analytics page screen shows you how well each page is performing and allows you to set-up new A/B split tests.
To access the analytics for a given page, just access the dashboard then click on the analytics icon of the page in question.


Form Submissions (leads) Page


This is where you specify how you want to be notified of new leads captured by your page's lead-generating form if it has one, and be able to view and export this information from the 'download button'.

The Profile Menu


The Profile drop-down allows you to log out, apply to our affiliate program or see your profile.

The Settings Menu


This drop-down allows you to change the account settings, grant or revoke other people's access to your domains, view your audit log, view or edit the details of your subscription.

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