Domain access

Instapage has built a permissions system for domains as an added layer of security to ensure that only you and your team members can publish to your domain. The team member that adds a domain to an Instapage workspace will give ownership of that domain to the account owner of the workspace.

If any Instapage user on another account or another workspace decides they want to publish to the same domain, they would need to request access from the account owner.


Requesting access to a domain

1. Add the domain according to the instructions in this article.

2. After you add the name of the domain and the desired subdomain, you will see the following message if another Instapage account has already used this domain.


Click on REQUEST ACCESS in the bottom right corner of the modal.

3. The domain owner will receive an email with your request as well as a notification in the Domain Access section of their account. You can see what that looks like for them below.


Granting access to a domain

1. Go to your account's domain access management menu by clicking on Admin and then on Domain Access


2. Select the domain to open the drop-down menu and approve the new request.



Revoking access to a domain

To revoke access to a domain you will have to go to the domain access management menu as shown above.

1. Select the domain to open the drop-down menu and click on the Revoke Access button from the right side of the name of the workspace.


2. Type in REVOKE and then click on the red button to confirm your action.

Note: In case the domain you want to use is locked on a different account than yours or your team members, and you do not know on which account, to move the domain to your account you will have to prove that you own the domain by submitting a request from this link: