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Integrating with Outgrow (calculators and quizzes)


With Outgrow, you can boost your marketing with highly converting calculators and viral quizzes. You can create beautiful experiences in minutes with their simple, yet powerful development studio and embed them on your Instapage landing pages within a few simple steps.

1. Log in and go to your Outgrow dashboard. If you didn’t create any calculators or quizzes thus far, you can use the “Create New Experience” button to start;1.jpg

2. After you customize the quiz or calculator, head over to the Configure tab, and choose “Embed on a Website” from the left side menu;3.jpg

3. On the “In-Page Embed” option, click on the “Get code” button, and copy the code presented below;3.1.jpg

5. Go to your Instapage landing page, and add an HTML element from the top bar;


6. Paste the code from Outgrow in the HTML element, then save and publish the changes to your page.


Note: Keep in mind that the size of the HTML element dictates the size of your quiz or calculator, so resize it accordingly.

And that’s it. On the live page, your visitors will be able to interact with the Outgrow quiz or calculator. All the data from these interactions will be saved to Outgrow, in the Analytics section.

Here's how the live page will look with the calculator embedded:


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