How do usage limits work?

Our subscription comes with some usage limits which you can view by going to My Account Admin > Subscription if you are the account owner.


These limits can be extended by upgrading your subscription. More information about our currently available subscriptions can be found here: 


All of our subscriptions include access to creating multiple workspaces, and the number depends on your subscription level. Workspaces keep everything completely separate between them. A team member that is invited to one can only access that one.

A default workspace is created automatically when you create your account. You can learn more about managing them here:

Team Members

You can invite team members to work in a workspace that you create in your account. They can have different permission levels, which you can learn more about here:

The total number of unique team members is determined by your subscription level, and the number is per account, regardless of how many workspaces you have or how many workspaces you invite the same person to. 

Published pages

Any subscription level comes with a set amount of published pages that you can have. You can create as many pages as you want but only have a certain amount published at the same time. To increase this limit, you can upgrade to a higher subscription level.


Each subscription level has a set limit for unique visitors that you have on your pages in a month. A unique visitor is someone who visits your page, and regardless of how many times they visit that page, their visits will not be recorded again. The cookie that tracks a visitor as unique has a 3-day expiration date. If the same person visits the same page more than 3 days later, they will be counted as a unique visitor again. The visitor limit resets on the monthly billing date of each individual account at the hour the subscription was originally paid for, not at the beginning of the calendar month.
The monthly unique visitor counter refreshes every 5 minutes.


NOTE: If you approach the limit of your unique monthly visitors, you will see a notice in your account when you are at 80%. If you exceed your traffic limit, your account will be locked, and your landing pages may be unpublished if you have surpassed your limit on multiple billing cycles. You can contact our Sales team to upgrade your account.