How do usage limits work?

Our subscription comes with some usage limits. These limits can be extended on the Enterprise Solution, so if you need more than what is explained below, just contact us and we can help you increase them.

Team Members:

You can invite up to 5 team members with our Business plan, and all of them can have View, Edit or Manage access.

Published pages:

You can have up to 30 published pages with our Business plan. If you need more than 30 published landing pages, you can contact us at

Page traffic:

Our Business plan comes with 30.000 unique visitors per month. If you need more than 30.000 unique visitors per month, you can contact us at

NOTE: This limit is for unique visitors. A unique visitor is someone who visits your page and regardless of how many times they visit that page, their visits will not be recorded again.


Our Business plan offers you access to 5 workspaces.

NOTE: If you approach the limit of your unique monthly visitors, you will see a notice in your account when you are at 80%. If you reach 100%, your dashboard will be locked until the count resets or until you opt to increase the limit. Your pages will remain live, they will continue to collect leads, but you will not be able to access those leads or make any changes.