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What Happens when you Downgrade your Subscription

If you would like to downgrade your subscription starting with your next billing cycle, you can do so on your subscription page, by going to Account Settings > Subscription, where you will see the following page.

Note: This applies to those subscribed on the old Core, Optimizer and Team&Agency plans. The current Core plan displayed on our plans page is a separate case, as it has a different combination of features and limits (published pages, visitors count, etc.)


Before your current billing cycle ends, you still have access to all the features you had before the downgrade. Make use of this time to make your account ready for your new plan.

Our system automatically disables features not included on your new plan, or you can disable them manually if needed.

  • For A/B testing, you can pause all but one variation which you want to keep. To do so, just click on the Pause button from the drop-down menu next to the variation, on the Analytics dashboard of the page.


  • Downloading your pages can be done from the main dashboard, just click on the more menu (three dots) and then Download.


  • For branded lead notifications, just make sure to disable them once you downgrade your plan if you don’t want to send non-branded lead notifications to your recipients. Quick Guide.

Our system will automatically remove higher plan features as follows:

1. Downgrading from Team & Agency to Optimizer:

  • Audit Log - You will lose access to the audit log and will no longer be able to track team member actions within your account.
  • Branded Lead Notifications - If you are attaching a logo to your lead notifications, the logo will revert back to the Instapage logo. If you prefer not to have the Instapage logo, please turn off lead notifications for pages.
  • Subaccounts - All your subaccounts (including the pages inside) will be removed at the end of your current billing cycle. Your Personal Projects subaccount will not be affected. If you have pages you would like to keep, please download them as .instapage files (here’s how).

2. Downgrading from Optimizer to Core:

  • Heatmaps - You will lose access to the Heatmaps feature, and you will not be able to track the movement of your visitors on your landing pages.
  • Dynamic Text - All landing pages containing dynamic text will revert back to normal text.
  • A/B Testing - After downgrading, you may only have one active variation per landing page, and you cannot create more variations or split traffic. Pause all variations that you are not currently using. When your plan is downgraded, if there is more than one active variation per page, we will automatically choose the variation with the highest traffic split to remain active (If tied, we will choose the oldest variation). If you want to change the single active variation, you can do so in the analytics page by pausing and unpausing variations.
  • Advertising attribution - Downgrading from Optimizer to Core will disable the Google Ads integration (you will still be able to use Google Ads tracking) and will remove costs per lead and costs per visitor information from the Analytics Dashboard.

3. Downgrade from Team & Agency to Core:

  • When downgrading from Team & Agency to Core, you will lose access to all the features described at points 1 and 2.
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