How do I connect my landing page to my Facebook ad?


Landing pages and paid traffic go hand in hand most of the times and Facebook is one of the largest ad platforms out there.

To advertise on Facebook, you first need to have a published landing page to send your traffic to. Check this article to learn more about publishing methods. We recommend using your custom domain, Wordpress or Drupal site.

The next step is to create the actual Facebook ad by setting up the audience, schedule & budget, adding text and images. More details about how to set up a Facebook ad can be found on their support page.

The last step is to add the link to the website you’d like to promote, that is your landing page.


You can click Place order and your advert will be live soon.

Note: While we try to keep all of our instructional articles that involve third-party services up to date, sometimes they make changes to their platform of which we are not aware and, as a consequence, the user interface may differ from the provided screenshots.